On March 3rd, we celebrate World Wildlife Day with the aim of conveying an important message about the importance of healthy ecosystems and the restoration of biodiversity, which aims to change the fate of the most endangered species. Spring flowers are wild species that we look forward to, but we rarely remember that many species of spring flowers are protected or strictly protected.

Spring flowers are extremely important in the ecosystem because they feed insects with their pollen and nectar, most often different types of butterflies and bees that have just come out of their hiding places, giving them the possibility of surviving until the flowers of other plants appear.

By picking the above-ground parts (flowers) of protected spring flowers for personal use, they are not particularly endangered, but the beauty of nature is destroyed, and other nature visitors are prevented from enjoying them. On the other hand, collecting whole plants leads to their permanent removal from the habitat, which significantly affects the size of their natural populations. That’s why, before picking spring flowers or buying their bouquets, ask yourself if you really want to keep these harbingers of spring in a vase for just a few days, or if you want to enjoy them in nature every year.

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